A sound installation in l'espace Brussin in Comines-Warneton

- 2004 -

An octophonic sound work is diffused. Starting from some breaths it develops like a kind of fugue. Afterwards the sound with a strong organic character carries away almost out of breath. A layer of space comes balancing the weight of the organic. Time builds itself through cells and cloned "rhythms". 

The porous and the breaths try to drill the hard (metallic), which collides and tries to find balance …





During the first public perfomance (February 27th, 2004 ) vox was executed in and around the sculpture (7 loudspeakers are in the central element). The globular assemblage (halfway between DNA structure and an internal organ) growing on a "skeleton" of brass pipings (those used for central heating) is in the middle of the room. The public walkes all around. People can feel vibrations when touching.