interactive sound installation

in the ancient swinging pool at Mouscron


mai 2009

Tubes 2 was created in the ancient swimming pool at Mouscron (Belgium).

In this work a computer created the various sound tracks in real-time with sounds which were recorded in and around the building. The visitors could also produce themselves sounds in some microphones. These were combined in the work. The sound transformations and combinations were build according a stochastic process and were calculated by a computer program. They were also inflected according to the behavior of the spectators (use of sensors). The whole work used 10 loudspeakers. Six of them were fixed on the pipes and four were around the central structure in the corners in order to spatialize sound.

The pipe construction went up from the bottom to the glazed roof, towards light, source of vital energy. The recovered sound matter settled in the pipes. Those above were of orange color. While those below were grey. These were refering to two different kind of energies and also to some ways of showing things in some biological maps (for example : veins and arteries).



Communauté Française Wallonie Bruxelles, secteur des arts numériques 

Musée des beaux-arts de Mouscron 

Centre culturel de Mouscron 

Centre de prêt de matériel de la Communauté Française Wallonie Bruxelles (Naninne) 

Ville de Mouscron 

Anciens établissements J. Dujardin de Comines-Warneton