video - installation  (1998 - 2008)


(animated movie) -1998-


The viewer : ASONAS Looks like a scientific tool, a kind of particle accelerator or some observation device.


(colorized video movie) -1998-


An implosion or an explosion. Then, like a tended filament, space changes. Large color fields are passing.

The movie is based on colorizing a layer of snow that melts.

May be infinite is close to us?

veni vidi non sedi

(A colloborative multimedia cd-rom) -2001-

Pictures, movies and soundtracks : Bernard Lepercq

Writing : Michel Voiturier

You will travel trough 8 locations and surroudings ...

PENDULE -2002-


Video installation in an elevator with a choregraphy of Thierry Bastin performed during Lieux Prolongés

It's about Scientific questioning (reference to the pendulum of Foucault) and mouvement of time - light, shadows and clouds are put in relation....

VANITAS -2003-


The video takes place in an industrial barrel of blue colour comparable to the one which served during the recording.

It is a "narcissistic" confrontation between me and some maggots at work. The film puts me in relation (my face in the water - mirror) with a dead mole in decomposition process.

This is a simple vanity and a moment of meditation on me (my body) and its final fate.


-dance of life and bait-


A TV-monitor lies horizontally with a magnifying glass in the middle. Boxes containing poison for ants are also laid around in the room. In the first part - dance of life - (2.20 min), a wood larva tries to survive. In the second part - bait - (4.15 min) it becomes for a short moment the bait for an ant.

VANITAS 2 -2005-

At the beginning of the movie a brush cleans gently an egg-shaped object. The noise of the brush changes gradually into that of a pneumatic drill and ends like the crackle of the needle on a record-player. It's only at the end of the film, when the needle slips, that we see for a short moment the object is a skull. Afterwards the film burns.

The film questions our slow metamorphosis towards physical disappearance and shows the fragility of supports: the film, the disc, and our physical body of course.

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February 2008. Bernard Lepercq visits Auschwitz and Birkenau. While filming he becomes dizzy.

The seasons are accelerating. Fragments of sound are coming up from the past.


This vidéo was censored by youtube in april 2021

HANDS -2008-


Hands with some needles are executing a kind of choreography.


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