An interactive sound installation in LA FERME D'EN HAUT  - Maison folie de Villeneuve d’Ascq (F) -

june 2010












 In the barn of the Ferme d’en Haut, sewer tubes intertwine to create a kind of sculpture - structure.

Noises and sounds recorded around the building and transformed by sound design are treated in real-time by a computer. They are distributed through a network of speakers embedded in the pipes. Visitors can also take part to the process by making sounds in the different microphones. In this way they can hear their voices mix with other audio tracks. They can enter into dialogue and metamorphose into the maze of the construction.

... When the visitor enters the showroom, it is with caution that he moves towards the work.

It is colossal. It occupies all the space with its interlacings grey and orange pipes. Three microphones are fixed at various levels of this body, and sensors react when a person walks along or when the public is more or less numerous. Sounds recorded by the visitors play back in a random way during about twenty minutes. They are transformed by " an autonomous computer system ".

Félix Pennel - Nord-Eclair - 27/5/2010

And people can take at any time the lever of the machine by playing with a joystick that controls the sounds.

« People can touch, shout, speak, sing! It is alive, notices Bernard Lepercq. It's like a little toy, a new musical instrument. » ...

The structure starts from the roof, out of a kind of chimney. It goes down towards the ground in an enterlacing movement of pipes, then it leaves towards the center of the room where it swels and goes down like a tail.

At the summit, the computer - the heart - controls averything. ...

Félix Pennel - Nord-Eclair - 27/5/2010

The installation was organized during Entre-Lacs in Villeneuve d'Ascq (2010) in partnership with L'ATELIER 2 and LA FERME D'EN HAUT.